Mouse events not dispatched when scrollRect is changed

Please, see this video:

At first I select / unselect the buttons by moving the mouse (they are Sprites listening to ROLL_OVER and ROLL_OUT events).
Then I use mouse wheel to scroll the window, and ROLL_OVER / ROLL_OUT events for the buttons do not trigger.
Target is HTML5. In Flash the events will trigger (no bug).

To reproduce:

  1. Create a Sprite container
  2. Create 2nd Sprite container, add it as child
  3. Create any display object which listens to ROLL_OVER & ROLL_OUT event, add it as 2nd Sprite container’s child
  4. While the mouse is over the display object, change scrollRect property of the 2nd Sprite so that the position of the display object changes

Thanks for the information! I’ve opened an issue :slight_smile: