Mouse Cursors not working on flash

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When I used this code


import lime.ui.MouseCursor;
import lime.ui.Mouse;

class Main {

public function new ():Void {
Mouse.cursor = MouseCursor.CROSSHAIR;


It not works on every "MouseCursor type"
CROSSHAIR, RESIZE AND WAIT are some of those which do not work…Though it’s buggy in Html5 but all Cursortypes can be seen there, it doesn’t work on flash, I’m using version 11 of it… could that be the problem?


I think for flash you should use this
import openfl.ui.Mouse;
import openfl.ui.MouseCursor;

lime.ui.MouseCursor.CROSSHAIR; It does not work for me,
none of the versions flash.
probably these cursors are available in other platforms.

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Yeah, lime.ui.MouseCursor has types available to us in native, but not in Flash. I think Flash supports only the text, arrow/pointer and default cursor types

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thanks for the info @vikingx84 and @singmajesty :slight_smile: , that solves a future week of mine from trying to get these working if I had not known this!
thanks again