More Info on a segmentation fault

I got the following error when running lime test linux

Running command: RUN

  • Changing directory: Export/linux64/cpp/bin/
  • Running command: ./ProgramName -livereload
    Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Is there a way to pass a flag or recompile hxcpp to give more information on where the seg fault is? or any ideas. This is latest hxcpp and openfl 3.0.0 beta. linux 64 system.

I think this is related to a fix that was just made

Please try the latest Lime build here:

Use haxelib local <path to downloaded zip> after it’s downloaded :slight_smile:


I’ve released Lime 2.2.1 with some minor build fixes, should be easier to get from haxelib than the builds directory – or either works :wink:

Still having the same issue. Adding
haxedef name=“HXCPP_STACK_LINE” and
haxedef name="HXCPP_CHECK_POINTER"
produces no new information.

i’m running lime rebuild tools.
lime rebuild linux. do i need to do something else to make sure its buiding on the correct version?

Oh, sorry, I thought this was a different error. You can also try using “neko -debug”, Neko tends to report more errors. Also, just -debug in general can help

lime test neko -debug gets me:
/usr/lib/haxe/lib/polygonal-core/1,0,4/de/polygonal/core/codec/Base64.hx:64: characters 12-27 : neko.NativeString does not have a constructor

is that where the segment fault is or is that just an error with neko.

lime test linux -debug -verbose seems to provide no information. Just dies on ./ProgamName -liveload.

Might be good to try OpenFL or Lime samples, to confirm those work for you, then you can try (perhaps?) adding trace messages to your project, to get a feel for where the crash may be occurring

I created a simple project, and it seems the error is releated to HaxePunk. I pulled the latest source and built. and it seems to cause a segement fault when including the Haxepunk library. Interestingly, it causes no build error, and it does not seem to matter if your are refrencing the api or not. just including the library causes the segmentation fault at runtime. Could be a problem with haxepunk or how the library is loaded. I’ll try to look into some more, but if anyone has any ideas, let me know,