Mono sound volume and SoundChannel limit problems

Target: Windows 32.
First problem: if you you create more than 32 SoundChannels, then there is no sound at all.
Why there is no information in docs about such limits?
Second problem: mono sounds are played significantly quieter than they are in original.
I tested various wav 44,100 kHz 16 bit mono.
They all sounds play the same in all audio editors (GoldWave, Audacity) and players (Winamp, Mplayer), while in compiled openfl code (Windows 32), they play significantly quieter.
It is not related with SoundMixer in code, using SoundTransform, or changed volume in Windows mixer.
When I convert mono files into stereo, then they obviously still sound in audio editors and players the same as mono before (no volume difference between mono and stereo and it is logical), but also sound correctly in compiled openfl code (the same sound as stereo sounds significantly louder than as mono).
Looks like a bug to me, since stereo and mono version are exactly the same sound and they sound the same in any other software.
I found that someone already metioned this problem some years ago:

Is this WAV specific? What if you use OGG?

Flash Player has a 32 sound limit, I’m open to feedback on whether we should keep a hard limit or have something variable based on the system

Thank you

I did OGG mono test now.
The result is the same, OGG mono files are quieter than stereo too.

I was just surprised about the limit and I found it during testing mono problem source if amount of created SoundChannels affect overall volume (for interested: it seems they do not).
I needed a lot of SoundChannels, because I wanted to be able to stop specific sound from playing when it was triggered again to not make it playing simultaneously with distortion effect, but without stopping other different sounds, so I created SoundChannel for each sound separately to be able to control that since Sound type has no stop function.