"modestmaps-haxe" sample gives "class not found?"

I installed “modestmaps-haxe” (using “haxelib git …”) and can verify that it is, indeed, in my “haxelib list.”

However, when I cd /usr/lib/haxe/lib/modestmaps-haxe/git/samples/basic and try openfl test html5', I immediately get this error:

Source/Main.hx:3: characters 7-25 : Class not found : com.modestmaps.Map

… this class, of course, being “Modestmaps itself.” There is a “<haxelib>” entry for it in the project.xml file as expected. There is also a complete project subtree under /usr/lib/haxe/lib/modesmaps-haxe/git. I suspect that the root cause of the problem might be that I am requesting this library using haxelib git. But I’m not sure.

(I can see that openfl is aware that this haxelib package is installed on my system, as slight changes to the haxelib name produce “not installed” messages as expected.)


Adding <source path="/usr/lib/haxe/lib/modestmaps-haxe/git/3,3,6"> caused the compile to proceed further, but then it stopped with:

Class not found: flash.events.FullScreenEvent

So it goes … so it goes …"

This may not help, but it looks like there’s an openfl.events.Event.FULLSCREEN event. You might be able to switch the code to use that.

I’ve never really used haxelib git, but when you do haxelib list are there square brackets around that one?

i probably can but in this project I happen to have Greg Dove’s extern library for using Leaflet.js. (This is an uncomplicated, not-CPU-intensive project that can go quick 'n dirty with Cordova, using Haxe to write all of the JavaScript.

Incidentally: I am finding that I really don’t have the time right now to publish that extern library, which works splendidly, to haxelib, as I know Greg would like for me to do. If anyone out there does have the time to see this done, I can (with permission) send it to you to be taken under your wings. Send me a private-message if you can do it timely.

FYI, if you haven’t done haxelib before

I copy the “haxelib.json” from another project, and modify with my own project name, version, URL

ZIP the parent directory, so right-click “actuate” (so it should be “actuate/haxelib.json” relatively speaking) and zip the whole folder. That’s what haxelib is expecting.

Use haxelib submit path/to.zip for the file you just archived. If you have not created a user account for haxelib yet, it should tell you to register, it only takes a moment