Mobile support Video?

hello~ everyone~

I used in openfl

html5 target and flash target execute ok.

But android target execute not ok.

android target not support Video or I must used StageVideo?

everyone help me?

Video is not supported right now on mobile, I’m not sure that we could reliably support the standard “Video” class, because it would require use to have access to the video surface, to mix/blend with our OpenGL rendering. Only something custom (like Bink video or something) could probably work this way.

However, there’s no good reason why StageVideo could not be supported, except that it is not implemented. The NME project added StageVideo for iOS/Android, I believe, which could be adapted or looked at as an example. Also, there might be extensions for this? I haven’t tried looking :confused:

There’s a way to use animated GIFs, but that’s not really video. There’s an extension for it (yagp I believe).