Mobile - Exiting and Reopening App Cuts Off Portion of Screen

For reference I am using Haxe 4rc3 and Lime 7.5.0. I am getting this error on my test app, the lime samples, and the openfl samples at version 8.9.1. By opening the app, hitting the ‘Overview’ button, and going back to the same app, it will create a black bar at the bottom of the screen. Here’s an example of that in pictures:

I am using Android version 8.0.0. What is interesting to note is that setting the option <window resizeable="false"/> doesn’t stop the app from resizing, as I still receive the resizing event from Lime.

I’m getting this too. In my case it happens on start but if I get the top menu down with a finger flick when it goes back up again the black bar goes away. But up until I do that it’s just there chilling. I don’t know why.

Is this a regression? We used a newer version of SDL in recent releases but have seen problems with it so now we are testing an even newer version in the Lime dev repository

Hi, thanks for the response. I saw the commit in Github and built from source. Unfortunately now it crashes before completing preloading, and console is empty :confused:
If there’s something I can do to help, let me know!

Were you using a dev version of OpenFL? I resolved a regression yesterday with SWF content that could have been affecting your build. If you did use a dev version of OpenFL, please pull again and run openfl rebuild tools before testing.

If there is still a problem I may have to test on Android again tomorrow when I’m back at my desk

Nope, I’m using openfl 8.9.1, although the samples are 8.7.0. I’m actually trying to build a lime app using the opengl context. I pulled and tried out the current version on Github, and it works for neko targets, but crashes on Android without an error message.
However, the NyanCat demo crashes on neko with the error message

$ lime test neko
Called from ? line 1
Called from ApplicationMain.hx line 25
Called from ApplicationMain.hx line 130
Called from lime/app/Application.hx line 150
Called from lime/_internal/backend/native/NativeApplication.hx line 146
Called from a C function
Called from lime/_internal/backend/native/NativeApplication.hx line 175
Called from lime/_internal/macros/EventMacro.hx line 91
Called from lime/system/ThreadPool.hx line 203
Called from lime/_internal/macros/EventMacro.hx line 91
Called from lime/_internal/backend/native/NativeHTTPRequest.hx line 469
Called from lime/app/Promise.hx line 149
Called from lime/app/Promise.hx line 149
Called from lime/app/Promise.hx line 149
Called from openfl/net/URLLoader.hx line 411
Called from openfl/events/EventDispatcher.hx line 246
Called from openfl/events/EventDispatcher.hx line 402
Called from openfl/_internal/formats/swf/SWFLiteLibrary.hx line 210
Called from lime/app/Promise.hx line 149
Called from lime/app/Promise.hx line 149
Called from lime/utils/Preloader.hx line 290
Called from lime/utils/Log.hx line 34
Uncaught exception - [lime.utils.Preloader] ERROR: [IOErrorEvent type=“ioError” bubbles=true cancelable=false text=“Cannot load file: lib/lib/library/library.bin” errorID=0]

Yesterday I resolved a crash error on the Android target in Lime… but I forgot to test exiting and reopening :sweat: but everything I tested was working after the fix

Awesome, thanks for the fix. The app works again, but I’m still getting the issue. I’m on Android 8, which seems to be a problem for SDL.

I am testing NyanCat now on my Nexus 5 and it looks fine, but I know that it’s running an older version of Android. My family just moved and my newer Android device is in a box but I wonder if SDL has code to hide/show the status bar that is competing with our older code that was designed to do the same:

I wonder if removing our code here would help, or if this actually is the right code but we need to run it again after returning to the application