Missing Sprites on Android 6 / Samsung Galaxy Tab4?!

Are there any known problems with Android 6 or specifically with Samsung Galaxy Tabs?

Because i got a few reports of missing Sprites(playing-cards) in my game.

I know this is very vague and i would like to offer a better description of the problem, but i have a hard time to reproduce the problem in the emulator or a custom-rom android 6.

I am kinda clueless and any idea might be helpful!

Perhaps you are exceeding maximum texture size and bitmaps are displayed as black boxes?

The problem is, i dont know.
The only information i got is that “graphics getting funky” and “missing cards”.

I dont think i hit any limits. Its a small game without any fancy stuff.

My current idea/hunch is my TextureManager or the Assets cache.
If i read it correct Assets cache would return a white rectangle on error - that could explain the “weird graphics”.