Missing libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll (solved)

Hello OpenFl-Community,

I am trying to publish an executable for Windows.

After compiling to the C++ target on my Windows 8 computer, the game ran fine. On another machine however, both libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll and libstdc+±6.dll are missing. (I’m guessing it ran fine on my pc, because both libraries are in my PATH-variable)

After googling the error, some recommended adding the arguement ‘-static’ to the Mingw command. So my questions are the following

  1. How do I define Mingw arguments in OpenFl?

  2. or How do I link these libraries in an easier way?

Thanks in advance!


I tried to reinstall haxe and OpenFl and went trough ‘openfl setup windows’. Now I get an error on ‘lime@lime_application_create__1’, when executing on a different machine.

Edit 2:

I ran the the build command with the argument ‘-static’. The application can be built and ran, but during the build I got the following error:

Error: error running link.exe -out:Main.exe -nologo -machine:x86 -subsystem:windows,5.01 -libpath:lib user32.lib “@D:/Dateien/Projekte/2015/W÷hlerschule BLL/build/windows/cpp/obj/obj/msvc16-stat-ncxp/all_objs” C:\Users\Bausch\flow/hxcpp/3,2,205/lib/Windows/libstd.lib C:\Users\Bausch\flow/hxcpp/3,2,205/lib/Windows/libregexp.lib C:\Users\Bausch\flow/lime/2,7,0/ndll/Windows/liblime.lib C:\Users\Bausch\flow/hxcpp/3,2,205/lib/Windows/libstd.lib C:\Users\Bausch\flow/hxcpp/3,2,205/lib/Windows/libregexp.lib C:\Users\Bausch\flow/lime/2,7,0/legacy/ndll/Windows/liblime-legacy.lib C:\Users\Bausch\flow/hxcpp/3,2,205/lib/Windows/libstd.lib C:\Users\Bausch\flow/hxcpp/3,2,205/lib/Windows/libregexp.lib C:\Users\Bausch\flow/lime/2,7,0/legacy/ndll/Windows/liblime-legacy.lib gdi32.lib opengl32.lib user32.lib kernel32.lib advapi32.lib winmm.lib imm32.lib ole32.lib oleaut32.lib version.lib ws2_32.lib wldap32.lib shell32.lib comdlg32.lib libApplicationMain.lib

Again, the game won’t run on a different pc.

#Edit 3: Solved
After going trough the same procedure on a clean system, I noticed my mistake. To build static executables you have to build the lime-library from source. The app now starts, even on other machines.

However when I enter the game itself, the application quits without an error. I created another thread for this reason.

Could You tell me which version of Mingw, OpenFl and Lime you are using?
I try to compile open-fl examples with Mingw and I have problems with that.

If you want Your app have shared libs and ran on other pc’s, You have to put missing libs into app folder and redistribute that way.

Error from Edit2 is becouse you linked with msvc linker, not linker from mingw.