Minimum runtime requirements for OpenFL projects

This topic came up recently on Github:

Does this seem right?

I believe we support Windows XP (depending on the Visual Studio compiler used), but we don’t test for it. I think OpenGL version 3 is required for hardware acceleration, but we fallback to software rendering for older graphics drivers.

macOS 10.6 (x86_64) is probably correct for the minimum there.

Linux we currently build on Ubuntu 14.04, but until recently built on 12.04. We support practically any distribution out-of-the-box, but other distributions can be supported by rebuilding Lime from the source (such as an old centOS or other distribution with old glibc versions). I’m not aware of any serious package requirements at runtime, I believe most of them are optional, so certain features will just not work if you have no audio libraries, for example.

We should be supporting Android 2.3 (API 9) and greater, so long as the device supports GLES2. We similarly support basically any version of iOS you want to support.

To be honest, I don’t know where this information would go on the website, but I’m open to ideas, and would appreciate if anyone has further insight into the system requirements we currently have. We try to keep the requirements very low, without hurting support of more advanced features where available.

Thanks everyone

Why is OpenGL 3 becoming minimum requirement on desktop?
Isn’t OpenGL2.0 enough for desktop computers, as OpenGL ES 2.0 is subset of desktop OpenGL?

If you build lime with ANGLE support, you’ll need at least DirectX9 instead to emulate ES 2.0.

I was wrong, we check only for OpenGL 2