Memory overusage

I’m not sure as where this problem comes from, Haxe, OpenFL or maybe FlashDevelop.
After working on my project for sometime, my computer starts getting slow, and I think I know the reason.
But what is the reason of this reason? :smiley:
Windows 8, Flash Develop, Haxe 3.4.7, OpenFL8.5.1, Lime 7.1.1.

Does anyone experience the same problem???
Those processes are just slowing eating all my RAM…

Hi, I have the same issue using HaxeDevelop : those processes never terminate themselves.

Usually I have enough RAM for a day of work, otherwise I kill them manually using task manager or just reboot my system :slight_smile:

I have these issues, too.

On windows at least one can use this command in cmd.exe to kill all at once.

taskkill /F /IM neko.exe

It will close also the haxelib.exe and Windows Command Processor processes, which seem to be related.


Please use

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version of FlashDevelop I use and master version from you link are the same.
This is the version cause the problem.

Can you try development build?

Just tried, same problem.
So far, @YvesScherdin has best solution!

Does it occur using Visual Studio Code?

I’ve never used VS Code.

Just tried the development build of HaxeDevelop and it seems to fix this issue, thanks @SlavaRa !

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looks like I lost code completion entirely with this build though, it’s set to true and tried all 3 completion modes but nothing happens ?

my Haxe version is 3.4.7

I’ll revert to master for now :slight_smile:

I have tried dev build again and still have lots of processes staying and eating my memory.

About HaxeDevelop : no idea why, but after installing the dev build and going back to master build I no longer have neko.exe / haxelib.exe / cmd processes staying there forever