Maximum window size in c++ windows target

Is it possible to achieve 7680 x 4320 in a C++ target and go full screen with it ?
I have no access to a video wall that is 13440 x 3240 but will have to compile something that works on it.
Seeing as the machine has display port on it and a 1070, I should be able to map that across both display ports.
It can’t be Flash because the largest window is 4,050 pixels by 4,050 pixels if I am not mistaken.
So, is there some limit in the windows target that one should be aware of, that’s the question.
FPS was at 31+/- on a 4k display but no access to the video wall yet.
Thank you.

This will be up to the OS and graphics card, just don’t use bitmaps that exceed the texture memory, and stay clear of if you can help it (since that’s software), but there’s no built in limitation

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