Match Jong game

Thanks to OpenFL, Haxe and all the great people behind these awesome technologies I’m releasing my latest game. :smile:

I would like to share this game with community, what else is Showcase category for?

Feel free to play and rate my game!
Google Play:
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Amazon AppStore (Kindle Fire):

Blackberry App World:
NOOK Store:


it’s a great game! I like it. but very annoying to play by desktop. I should get it for my phone :wink:

Congratz! :smile:

Same thing as @yupswing about the desktop version.

Played the iOS and Android versions and they run pretty nicely :grin:

Maybe it’s just me, but on some levels I feel the need for a “speed up” button… :flushed:

Thank you guys! :smile:
Eah, at the beginning it quite slow, but levels get more complicated later.
Or you can play on hard, it moves faster then.

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