Mask throwback with new Openfl/Lime

I am upgrading the code of our games to use the latest Openfl and Lime: I noticed a few differences, like a very slow spritesheets parsing phase (but I will analyze this later, and if necessary I will open a new topic), but the one that makes me worry more now are the broken masks.

In our latest game I implemented a dynamic background with a very complex (yet static) fullscreen mask (coming from a SWF shape) with multiple objects moving behind it, and it worked like a charm (Openfl 3.6.1, Lime 2.9.1). Now it is gone, it doesn’t work anymore, I see the moving objects but no mask at all.

Do I need some workaround or am I fired?

-UPDATE- I am not fired yet: compiling with -Dcanvas loading times go back to normality and mask resurrects, but I’d like to stay with webGL… in the near future :pensive:

What are the plans for webGL vector masks?