Many process triggered on testing project

hi!newbie here :slight_smile: ,

while testing a haxe project using flash(in flash develop), each time i test/run project several cmd,haxelib,neko process are
started in task manager. And this becomes a problem when I test near 7-8 times , since those processes are not killed even when I close flashdevelop , pc becomes laggy afteron.

Is it normal or I’m missing something to do on every start/close?

Does this occur if you use openfl test flash from a command-prompt, rather than FlashDevelop?

FlashDevelop might be doing something that is creating trouble

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I use flashdevelop for testing project in a flash player.

O.k. now that has been solved :slight_smile: …i don’t know well defined reason for that…

There were two Haxe programs installed on my PC on different disks…
And Flash develop was using The haxe which it shouldn’t use…

So I just changed Project>SDK and directed it to the haxe I installed yesterday…
It’s working fine now…and the Cmd/neko/Haxelib(only visible in tastmanager) processes are killed along with the flashviewer when it is closed.

stupid me, it was my fault in setup process of haxe and flashdevelop…


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