Make it easier for us to help you!

If you are new to these forums, but do not know where to begin asking questions about OpenFL-specific problems, you can follow these guidelines so that it makes it easier for us to help you:

  1. Include [tags] in your title to help distinguish between platform-specific code and independent code.
  2. Make your title understandable of the subject matter
  3. Include code into your topic. If you feel it is too much, a website such as can help with this.
  4. If your project is commercial and you don’t want to share code, you can always share screenshots to demonstrate your problem, or provide us with the output of the debugger so that we can trace the problem if it may appear to be an internal problem with OpenFL.
  5. Introduce your problem and describe what you have done already to attempt to solve it. If we suggest a solution, and then you say you have already tried that, you’re wasting our time. I’m sorry for being cruel, but that is the harsh reality. It just makes it easier for everyone.

If no one replies to your thread within a 24-hour period, it is likely people have read your issue but found it very difficult to follow because you didn’t link code or provide screenshots. It’s nice to have lots of theory, but when you don’t present something that you have done, it makes it very difficult for us to determine what the problem is.

We also understand that if you state in your thread that the code is commercial, you can always provide a small portion of it, or only portions of the code that do not work. A good way to represent this may be like the following example:

public var mySprite:Sprite = new Sprite();
mySprite.width = 500; //Causes blank screen

By the way, the above example is a very easy fix. Don’t set width and height properties of DisplayObjectContainer objects, as they are set internally.

All of the above are simply guidelines, it is not necessary to follow each one but the closer they are to these guidelines, the easier it becomes for us to help you.

Let me know of any other ways in which users of OpenFL can help us to help them!