MacOs monteray: app crashes

I have a game, that worked well on MacOs Monteray with Haxe 4.0.4, but after upgrading haxe to 4.2.1 & libs it started to crash almost immediately with error:
“Termination Reason: Namespace SIGNAL, Code 11 Segmentation fault: 11”

How i can find what exactly makes the crash in my code? There is no symbolic information in executable (although compilation is started with openfl test mac - so i suppose it should be here). Web version works exactly as before, so it seems the problem is in macos code generation

I surely can rollback everything and stay with old versions of stuff - but really would use the latest ones. Current versions of libs are: HAXE 4.2.4, Lime 7.9.0, Openfl 9.1.0, Hxcpp 4.2.1, Starling 2.5.1

Any advise welcome!

I managed to narrow problem down. Not related to MacOs, same happens on Windows 10 too (with all the latest libs & haxe) and it seems there is a known(?) compiler issue that hit Starling codebase, wrongly compiling this:

private static var sHoveringTouchData:Vector<Object> = new Vector<Object>();

to this:

static ::openfl::_Vector::BoolVector sHoveringTouchData;

Error is not new, there is a bounty for it:

The fix is (as suggested on bounty) to replace Vector with Array (and fix some other calls)

private static var sHoveringTouchData:Array<Object> = new Array<Object>();

Hoping this will be fixed in master someday