macOS Catalina display size problem

Compiling anything cpp on mac with Catalina shows the complete app reduced to the left bottom quarter of the app window.
Everything is diminished to scale, though the hit boxes for buttons and tabs are in the zones where they would be if the actual elements were full size. So, for example, a top tab is displayed on the top of the bottom left quarter but the hit zone is working on the top of the app window and not where it is displayed.
It’s like everything is 1/4 of the size and origin (0,0) is bottom left of the window.

Perhaps we need a newer SDL version again to fix problems created by the OS :frowning:

I haven’t updated due to 32-bit applications I use and rely upon (VPN software, etc)

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Maybe there’s only a migration problem in the latest macos, relating to screen and display settings. I managed a compile out of a newly installed catalina (from scratch) something that doesn’t display the same issue. It actually displays 100% inside the app frame. The other two machines I tried before had been upgrades.
Maybe it’s not a problem with SDL. Just wonky upgrades.

Okay, let me know if you hear anything more. I’m nervous :sweat_smile:

:grinning: Will do. No worries.