macOS Catalina display size problem

Compiling anything cpp on mac with Catalina shows the complete app reduced to the left bottom quarter of the app window.
Everything is diminished to scale, though the hit boxes for buttons and tabs are in the zones where they would be if the actual elements were full size. So, for example, a top tab is displayed on the top of the bottom left quarter but the hit zone is working on the top of the app window and not where it is displayed.
It’s like everything is 1/2 of the size and origin (0,0) is middle left of the window.

Perhaps we need a newer SDL version again to fix problems created by the OS :frowning:

I haven’t updated due to 32-bit applications I use and rely upon (VPN software, etc)

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Maybe there’s only a migration problem in the latest macos, relating to screen and display settings. I managed a compile out of a newly installed catalina (from scratch) something that doesn’t display the same issue. It actually displays 100% inside the app frame. The other two machines I tried before had been upgrades.
Maybe it’s not a problem with SDL. Just wonky upgrades.

Okay, let me know if you hear anything more. I’m nervous :sweat_smile:

:grinning: Will do. No worries.

@singmajesty there’s something more to this, now I think it isn’t because of the update versus full install. Maybe something changed in the DPI detection from the Catalina Beta to the actual release and at least up to the 10.15.1 update.

Compiling in Catalina Beta with a 1920x1080 monitor and same resolution declared in the .xml, I get half sized app inside the window frame.
This is on a virtual machine that says: “Core Image is now using the software OpenGL renderer. This will be slow.”

So I have to put in the xml:
window width=“960” height=“540” if=“mac” so the window frame actually hugs correctly. What is inside retains size no matter what I put in the width and height, that’s fishy in itself.

On an actual iMac on Catalina with the 10.15.1 update with a 5120x2880 resolution screen, no matter what I put in the width and height, the actual app inside always gets halved, so I never get the application window frame to hug the content, weirdest thing is, the buttons and other clickable elements don’t register where they are displayed, half sized like if the origin (0,0 )was the middle of the app window.

All of this happens with BunnyMark as well as with two other apps that I’m trying to finish.
I think there’s something fishy happening with the DPI/scaling, maybe some mode detection changed ID or something. Can’t seem to get around this weirdness.

Edit 1: Just tried with the .APPs compiled on the beta, same window frame/app sizing/button register weirdness happens when the files are run on 10.15.1. I can send over the .APP if it helps.

Does this look related?

Yep, I think that’s the one. I can’t find the plist files though. Anything I can do on my side to fix this ?

Does <window allow-high-dpi="true" /> help?


I’m going to have access to the catalina 10.15.1/2 machines on Monday, will report back. Here’s hoping!

If you have an ability to manually patch SDL (within lime/project/lib/sdl and then lime rebuild) it would also be helpful to see if this fixes it

Ok, will try patching and report back.

That fixes it, though I think haxeui is minus x2 scaled in mac than it is in W10. Weird. But that I can fix.

@singmajesty Would you like me to try patching and rebuilding and then with or without the window allow-high-dpi=“true” ?

Without being patched it sounds like allow-high-dpi would work properly still

Ideally the patch fixes it so that either high DPI or no high DPI works properly afterward

Still trying to determine how some stuff is getting half sized, like menus and text input fields, but not a .png loaded in the background. I’ll try to sort that. Though the register zones correlate to the UI so that’s working proper with the .xml alteration. I’ll confirm the patched way tomorrow and get back to you on what happens.

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Got a bit sidetracked with other stuff. Managed to patch and it works @singmajesty.
Merry Christmas!

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I’ve patched this in the Lime dev version

Thank you!

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