Mac native build

I’m trying to build a cross platform app in openfl, so far the little I have is working on windows, and builds fine on Mac, but when the app is ran, it only show the background color set in the project file. there are no errors, and the app doesn’t crash, it only shows nothing within the window.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I copied the code below, pretty much, all three objects I’m attempting to draw use the same methods and again, works on windows.

Also I’m building with haxe 4, openfl 8.8.0 and lime 7.2.1 I’m not using any other libraries.

class Main extends Sprite 

	public function new() 
		var t = new Tile();
		var m = new Menu();
		m.x = 0;
		m.y = 0;
		var player = new Sprite();;, 0, 50, 50);
		player.x = 50;
		player.y = 50;

		graphics.drawRect(50, 50, 50, 50);


I think something may have changed in our support for macOS, when <window allow-high-dpi="true" /> is enabled or disabled. Could you try adding this to your project.xml, and testing it with both true and false? I’ll test here on a mac and see if I am seeing anything unusual with the scaling of the window

Are you on Mojave? Does the application start to display if you drag the window?

If so, this is fixed in SDL, we just need to get lime’s SDL version updated.

Oh, nice! This fixes the weird GL scaling issue?

This fixed my issue, thanks!

I’ll check this out later, I’m also having an issue with scaling, but I didn’t look much into it yet.

I’m not sure what weird GL scaling issues you’re referring to. Without the SDL patch, if a game is run on Mojave, it won’t display anything at all until the window is resized/moved.