Mac + Lime, ReplaceVistaIcon.exe: Permission Denied


I am currently running Mac OSX 10.9. I wish to build my application on to Windows platforms, however when using the command lime build windows, I get this error: sh: /usr/lib/haxe/lib/lime/2,0,6//templates/bin/ReplaceVistaIcon.exe: Permission denied. I get the same error when using sudo too.


You can’t run exe on mac, it’s getting called because of your app icon, you could try removing it.

But it shouldn’t stop the build process, right?

I just updated the WindowsPlatform code (on GIT) to not run ReplaceVistaIcon.exe if you are not running on Windows. I thought cross-compilation was not working properly, but I think I might have heard the word that our copies of Neko are fixed, now, and might actually work for cross-desktop publishing. If so, that’s great news!

We should consider looking at what ReplaceVistaIcon.exe does, and do it ourselves (in a cross-platform compatible way) if that’s the case, but for now, the patch should help. Ignore the error if you aren’t upgrading, and see if you can run the resulting directory on a Windows machine