Looking through 3D framework options

while I am still researching how to implement a little 3D application I am wondering if I should just go with a js-framework like three.js or babylon.js and run the final result inside a webview or use the haxe port of one of the libraries to create haxe code.
Any insights / ideas on this one?

Their is a haxe port of away3d available. Away3d 4.0 supported GPU. But not sure if it does in the haxe port, because the ported version of away3d is 1.2.

You can also see AwayJS , though it is not in haxe. But related to Flash and Away3d in terms of API

Yes, thanks I already checked out away3d and even know it a bit from a previous as3 project.
However compared to the more “modern” frameworks it does not have too many users it seems.
I also found the BabylonHx which would probably be perfect, however it seems to be a bit deserted.
I tried to compile the examples and that did not work with recent haxe versions.

I’ve not yet used it myself, but Heaps.io has been behind a number of great modern games.

Documentation for H3D: