Looking for OpenFL game developer


I’m looking for Haxe/OpenFL game developer.
I need to make a Bouncing Balls game similar to this one:

Game will be divided in to algorithm generated levels with infinite
gameplay, like 1st level - 3 colors, 2nd level - 4 colors, 3rd level - 4
colors, but balls move faster, etc.

Game will have two modes:

  1. Classic - gameplay is the same as an example game
  2. Arcade - game will be with extra balls, like bombs, fireballs, multi-color balls, etc.

Part of the code will be provided by me, base classes like Graphics and Sound handling, etc.
I need to have working game with full source code in the end.
I will provide graphics and sfx.

Game should work on the following platform: Android, iOS, Flash, HTML5, PC and Mac, more platforms are welcome!

Let me know, if you have any questions.

Hi Pozirk. I made that a while ago: http://www.ventoline.com/frozenbubble/bustamove640.html . If the job is still up, I’m up for it. PM me. Thanks!