Looking for HTML5 OpenFL Tutorials

Has anyone put together a OpenFL tutorial specific for HTML5 targets?

I am looking for information about the Javascript life cycles. I would love to know more about what is happening under the hood.

  • Is NPM, Bower, Grunt, etc utilized?
  • How or when is the JS code minified?
  • Can you use OpenFL to deploy JS server only projects: eg: NodeJS server?
  • Do people utilized other JS libraries for features like Routes? (AngularJS or EmberJS)?
  • deployment: e.g. Haxe + OpenFL to Node.JS server vs Haxe + OpenFL to front end Javascript. Routes, Polyfills, etc.
  • What is planned for the future of HTML5 support? (E6 modules? JS classes?)

NPM, Bower, Grunt and other builds are not used, Haxe, Neko, and (optionally) Java (to power Google Closure) are needed to build

If you use -minify, Google Closure will be used, -final will trigger DCE full as well as minification :smile:

The code is compatible with Node using the “ndll” module, I assume you could (but would not want to render, I assume)

You should be able to mix with other libraries, use the if you like (to copy additional scripts)

I’d love to see an openfl.js or lime.js, with the project compiled separate. I bet we could optimize each to minify even more significantly than standard code, and let it cache. I’d also like to see more work on loading projects in projects, similar to SWF Loader support

Happy to discuss more :smile:

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