Looking for a Haxe programmer

Hello! I’m a part of Dream Show Adventures, a newly formed company
looking to get into the video game industry. Our first order of business
is completing our first commercial game, Pipe Works. Our biggest
problem is programming. A majority of art assets are already complete
and at this point we’re focused on progressing with programming. We
currently have 2 artists, 1 composer, and 3 other programmings on the

While we have a few off-and-on programmers, we are still in
dire need of help. I am currently doing most of the work and it would
be good to have another person to assist. The main point is that we need
someone who can contribute a fair amount of their time to this, on a
regular basis.

We’re using Haxe Flixel to write the engine. You
should be reasonably familiar with Haxe, as well as being able to read
and understand code written by other people. Experience with Haxe Flixel
would be preferable but isn’t necessary. Although the game is in it’s
alpha stages, we are looking to complete the game by the end of August.
While there will be desktop versions (Windows, Mac and Linux), our main
target will be mobile phones and tablets (Android and iOS, possibly

I will be straightforward towards the matter of payment.
We are unable to offer any upfront payment or hourly pay, only a 10%
revenue share.

If you’re interested, please contact the head of development at [email protected]. Thanks for reading!