localToGlobal not producing local coordinates

I am currently making a game that uses verlet physics, and I want to implement a camera system that pans the map when my guy gets close enough to the edge of the screen. To make the access quick, I have a static var containing my stage so I can access it from any class if needed. My code sort of looks like this:

private var left_bound:Float = Common.stage_width * 0.38;
private var right_bound:Float = Common.stage_width * 0.61;
private var top_bound:Float = Common.stage_height * 0.38;
private var bottom_bound:Float = Common.stage_height * 0.61;

public function pan(dot:CPoint) {
		var _locPoint:Point = Common.gStage.localToGlobal(dot.loc);
		var _locXPan:Float = 0;
		var _locYPan:Float = 0;
		if (_locPoint.x > this.right_bound) {
			_locXPan = this.right_bound - _locPoint.x;
		} else if (_locPoint.x < this.left_bound) {
			//_locXPan = this.left_bound - _locPoint.x;
		Common.gTrack.x += _locXPan;

dot.loc being the XY coordinates of the player. However, Common.gStage.localToGlobal isn’t returning the point relative to the location on the stage, it’s just returning the location the point is at inside of the class(All other variables are correct, so I know it’s not me directly accessing stage.stageWidth/stage.stageHeight). I need the relative location to the stage as I have it set up where the level can be scaled in and out and can still function fine regardless of resolution. Thank you for the help!

nvm Fixed it, I was calling it from the wrong display object. Don’t know what I was thinking calling it from the stage.