Loading sounds in IE 11.0 doesn't work (Html5 export)

Hi there, i have an issue where embed sounds or non embed sounds causes an error in IE 11.0.
Just to be sure i uploaded the project “PlayingSound” on a server and it still doesn’t work on IE 11.0 (but on 11.1 it works >_<, and it works also on chrome).

Is there any workaround i can do to make it work on IE 11.0 ?

I try to load the sounds using the embed, and asynchronous method, but both html5 build raise an error:

Error:[lime.app.Preloader] ERROR: Error loading asset "assets/sounds/sound_1.mp3"

Thanks for reading ^^
(i edited the thread several times because at first i thought loading sound using asynchronous method would work on 11.0, but after doing some tests i realised it didn’t :frowning:)

What version of OpenFL and Lime?

I had this same problem with the latest build of OpenFL and Lime.

I wonder if this is an error thrown by Howler, or something else

My openfl version is 4.9.2 and the lime version is 4.0.3.

It’s weird i lauched the game this morning on the same version of IE, it loaded just fine, then i tested with the project PlayingSound, same here the sounds loaded just fine and the project started.

Then i went back to launching the game, and i got the lime preloader error again loading the sounds. I even closed IE and launched the game, still got the preloader error :.

Maybe it has to do with caching then ? Well it seems not, i cleared the cache, and it doesn’t work either >_<.

If you reload multiple times (without clearing cache), does it begin working? Or does it continue to not work?

It continues to not work after reloading multiples times :frowning:.