Loading sound files after preloader


I would like to load some files after the preloader. I tried the following without success:

in project.xml

<assets path="assets/sounds_preload" rename="sounds" preload="true"/>
<assets path="assets/sounds" rename="sounds" library="sound_background" embed="false" preload="true"/>

in Main.hx


The sounds in folder sounds_preload are preloaded as expected but when I call loadLibrary for the other sounds, nothing are loaded.

I just tried the following steps:

1.) openfl create PlayingSound SoundPreloadTest

2.) Changed project.xml to have this assets line: <assets path="Assets" rename="assets" library="delayed" />

3.) Wrapped the code in the constructor around a library load call

Assets.loadLibrary ("delayed").onComplete (function (library) {
			Actuate.defaultEase = Quad.easeOut;
			background = new Sprite ();
			background.alpha = 0.1;
			background.buttonMode = true;
			background.addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, this_onMouseDown);
			addChild (background);
			#if flash
			sound = Assets.getSound ("delayed:assets/stars.mp3");
			sound = Assets.getSound ("delayed:assets/stars.ogg");
			position = 0;
			resize ();
			stage.addEventListener (Event.RESIZE, stage_onResize);
			play ();

I tested on Neko, HTML5 and Flash. Flash did not play the sound (for some reason) but Neko and HTML5 are working for me


thanks for your reply. It is working!

BUT if you add embed=“false” in the project.xml, it is not working anymore. That was my mistake!
Any explanation of this?

I don’t think HTML5 supports embedded sounds, because of the way it interacts with howler.js. This could be an interesting thing to look at, if we could workaround that limitation