Loading fonts from haxelibs

Can assets such as fonts be loaded from haxelibs across all targets?

This works for Flash targets, where I can place a TTF font in a haxelib, embed and reference it via a class, and use it during runtime. However, this does not work for targets such as HTML5.

This is correct, right? As in, the intention is for each project.xml to embed resources for distribution?

The Lime command-line tools will recognize “include.xml” in the root of a haxelib directory. This works similar to “project.xml”, and will include the additional defines, assets or other tags you add into a project that uses the haxelib. Keep in mind with assets that users may want to embed their assets, or not embed their assets, or may be sensitive about the final directory names, but fonts shouldn’t be much of an issue (so long as the license is alright) as they’re a bit more “invisible”