Loading does not complete

I have compiled my project to HTML5, but the project will not start, how can I debug what’s going on? are those not found files the reason of not completing loading? or the loader can skip them?

Probably files the reason, why not to add them and check (you could generate woff from ttf with online font services https://everythingfonts.com/font-face for instance) or remove fonts from project.

Thanks, I have converted the fonts, but I still have this error:

Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: A network error occurred.

thus, the loading is never complete, and the above error doesn’t tell me anything useful… do you have any advice?

Could you upload your sample somewhere in the web (dropbox etc) to look at?

Unfortunately its a closed source code for a product, but I appreciate it if you have some suggestions in mind for such a case?

It is obviously an Ajax (asynchronous) problem. Nothing to do with OpenFL. If you want help, share…

No errors like in first message in console?
You test locally or from web?
You could try to separate part that cause problem without secret part to reproduce problem.
And I mean not to share source, only build in the web

I test locally, using a server, I will try to separate parts and start adding them gradually until I catch the issue, I will let you know… by the way, there is no ajax call in my app


Try to upload and test in web, some peoples write about strange errors when use internal server locally

ah! ok, I will try, thanks

Hey, I’m reviving this because I’m having the exact same problem. It appeared out of the blue too–I was doing fine even when it couldn’t find fonts, and then one day it stopped working. I’m honestly not sure what happened, some setting must have changed without me noticing. Does anyone have any experience with this / how to fix?

I also don’t have any ajax calls in my app, I’m not doing anything with the network actually. I’m really not sure why this is happening.

I have solved the problem, by providing the missing assets files.