Loader and server limiting requests

The problem is this:
Loader starts loading all resources at once, no sequencing.
And my usual shared LAMP hosting limits requests per user… This makes loader freeze and fail, since it receives 503 errors from server… And server logs look like this:
2019/03/08 12:19:02 [error] 26676#0: *22986505 limiting requests, excess: 76.000 by zone “one”, client: 95.27.45.xxx, server: myserv.com, request: “GET /myfile.mp3?863384 HTTP/2.0”, host: "myhost

should resource packs fix this problem?
also i could possibly raise the number of simultaneous requests somehow
or reduce number of files))

I could be wrong here with some previous statements…
Also my serv limits are probably not on simultaneous request but a per minute threshold or something like that.

Does changing the request limit here make a difference?

I’ll try that thanx!
and I was able to reproduce this problem,
start loading the game and interrupt\start reloading it several times in a row