Load multiple swfs


I have my project successfully pulling in one swf into my project but I cannot pull in more than 1.

I have the following in my project.xml

<library path="assets/src-bin/data/swf/swf1.swf" id="swf1" preload="true"/>
<library path="assets/src-bin/data/swf/swf12swf" id="swf2" preload="true"/>
<library path="assets/src-bin/data/swf/swf2.swf" id="swf2" preload="true"/>
<assets path="assets/src-bin/data/swf/" include="*.swf" />

Then in my hx class

clip1 = Assets.getMovieClip (“swf1:swf1”); //working
addChild (clip);

clip2 = Assets.getMovieClip (“swf2:swf2”); //not working
addChild (clip);

Swapping in them around will bring in swf2 but not swf1

<library path="assets/src-bin/data/swf/swf2.swf" id="swf2" preload="true"/>
<library path="assets/src-bin/data/swf/swf1swf" id="swf1" preload="true"/>

Am I loading in the swfs incorrectly?

It looks good. Have you tried:

var clip = Assets.getMovieClip ("swf1:");
var clip2 = Assets.getMovieClip ("swf2:");


var clip = Assets.getMovieClip ("swf1:MySymbol");
var clip2 = Assets.getMovieClip ("swf2:MySymbol");

based on whether you want the timeline, or an exported symbol, from the SWF?