Linkage free mobile puzzle game

Hey, so I’ve just uploaded my new game to Google Play :slight_smile:
It’s a simple numberlink puzzle game, obviously it was made in haxe/openfl.
i hope to release it soon on ios as well.

Here’s the link:


Congratulation, that’s a really nice game!

Extreme levels aren’t easy :smile:

I had some troubles understanding you had to link a square with a link of length equal to its value, and how to remove a link though.

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Thank you :slight_smile: I think I should consider implementing incteractive in-game tutorial in the first level.

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Echo ibilon above. Fun puzzle game!

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I’ve just uploaded new version, now there is a tutorial displayed in the first level and I’ve also enchanced it a little bit, I hope it will make mechanics more clear to new players.
It might take few hours before new apk is published to Google Play.
ios version :slight_smile:

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