Lime4 / OpenFL 4.9 weird font/text issues

So i’ve tried out the new OpenFL 4.9 / Lime 4, (using haxe 3.4 on Windows 10)
…and it seems there are some issues related to fonts

Sometimes, the application freezes with a loadingbar of 50% when Static TextFields are used in a swf asset.
And sometimes,

<library path="assets/assets.swf" type="swflite" generate="true" preload="true" embed="true"/>

using embed="true" makes the application freeze upon starting…

There is also something is strange with the font rendering:

Seems fonts start bold and aliased and gets thinner and more smooth towards the bottom of dynamic textfields…

Also, input text fields seem to change the font weight back and forth:

Beside this, when compiling i always seem to get this warning:

C:/HaxeToolkit/haxe/lib/lime/4,0,0/lime/_backend/native/NativeGLRenderContext.hx:1901: characters 124-145 : Warning : This pattern is unused

Ok, these issues seem to be gone with the update to 4.9.1. Thanks :slight_smile: