Lime vs lime-legacy

Hi, I’ve got a question about differences in those two libs. What is the purpose of maintaining two similar projects? I mean I know that those libs consist of different modules for graphics etc, but what is the purpose of it?
Let’s say, that I want to develop new app for desktops and android - when should I choose legacy and when not (I know for flixel or haxeui I don’t have a choice, but I mean just openfl app)? Is one lib faster than the other? What are the pros and cons of using one or another?

lime-legacy is older version of lime.
lime-legacy has a long history, and it more stable.
lime-legacy is not evolving, new features not added, just bugs fixed.

lime is not just improved lime-legacy, it was rewritten from scratch, with new ideas.
lime is evolving, and it has many new features.

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If you want to start new project, I will recommend to try newer lime (not legacy), at least because new lime work correctly on Android with x86 processors.
And only (and only) if you will have problems with newer lime, switch to legacy.
But you must know, that by switching to legacy you will lost all new features added to newer lime.

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Thank You for great answer.
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