Lime test windows is exporting asset files and lime.ndll, but psychengine.exe is nowhere to be found. How do I make it export the exe file?

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In the future, please copy and paste the text of your error messages instead of posting screenshots. There are many reasons why that’s better. Probably most importantly, it helps others find this thread with a search engine, if they are having the same issue. They might be able to add more context, if the issue isn’t resolved yet. Or, if someone has posted a solution, they can be helped without starting a new thread.

FNF-PssyncEngine-0.7.3\source\import.hx:47: characters 8-29 : Type not found : flixel.sound.FlxSound

It appears that you either don’t have Flixel installed, or something is missing from your Flixel installation. I recommend removing Flixel and reinstalling it. Make sure that you have the correct version of Flixel that PsychEngine requires. I recall that PsychEngine has very specific requirements for a number of dependencies. You may not necessarily be able to use different versions without changing the PsychEngine code.

source/psychlua/HScript.hx:317: characters 89-96 : Type not found : TeaCall

This appears to be a common issue people run into with PsychEngine. I recommend putting this error message into your favorite search engine for more details, but this thread is probably a good starting point: