"Lime test windows" command not working, please help

I was watching a tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZEnYCUSJ2E At 1:36) on how to build a game to create a mod for FNF Kade Engine. It says that to build a game I have to make the command ‘‘lime test windows’’. It “worked” but not in a way I wanted it to, what’s supposed to happen is it basically “makes the game window” and I can access it via project.xml (I’m new to this so sorry if I sound dumb) so I ran the command but all I keep getting is this:

What do I do? Again I’m new to this and stuff and really want to learn, thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Also here’s the Github for the source code I’m using to create the game window: https://github.com/KadeDev/Kade-Engine

Never mind, found out how to fix it
All I had to do was do the following commands on my command prompt:
“haxelib install lime”
“haxelib install flixel”

I thought I had lime installed onto my computer which I technically did since setup.bat WAS supposed to do that, however apparently not so on a complete guess/whim I decided to do that and it worked, I had less “telling me what’s wrong” code.
I also didn’t know what the “flixel” program was but found out it was something I needed and since it was saying that Flixel was missing I decided, again, to go on a whim/guess and try to install flixel and when I ran “lime test windows” it worked :smiley:

can u help me when i type lime test windows it says (source/TitleState.hx:61: characters 16-28 : Type not found : APIStuff
C:/HaxeToolkit/haxe/lib/polymod/git/polymod/format/XMLMerge.hx:189: characters 10-23 : Warning : This typedef is deprecated in favor of haxe.xml.Access)

My problem is that the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZEnYCUSJ2E
Said that I needed to choose a default IDE but the option to choose didn’t show up.

I don’t think the OpenFL Forums are for this, maybe try to report this to Kade engine’s repository.

When I run lime test windows it shows the game window and loads but the moment it loads the windows closes so yeah…

There is a problem that if I run but it tells me fnf stopped working and in lime test windows -debug it appears object null reference

Yes, I was going to recommend that you try lime test windows -debug. You can also try using other targets, as sometimes other targets will have the same error as well, though it may be faster to test and resolve.

If you do not know what you’re looking for with a null reference error, it happens when something like this occurs:

var sprite:Sprite = null;
sprite.x = 100;

Setting null.x is not possible and will throw an error. Sometimes the C++ target will only tell you the name of the error and will not help you as much in finding what line it occurred, where the “neko” or “html5” or “hl” target might be a bit better about that. Otherwise there’s a way to attach a Windows executable to Visual Studio in order to debug after it crashed, though I can’t explain now how that works and it’s a bit of a pain

Seems like you know a lot about this kind of stuff. I was wondering if you can also help me with my lime test problem in CMD. It says I need a ixml file or something whenever I try ‘lime test windows’. I just started coding yesterday, and I know nothing about it. Please explain in simple terms, I’m a novice at this. o-o