"lime test html5" does not launch app (MacOS)

Apologies in advance if this isn’t the right place for this question. I’m completely new to the haxe/openfl/lime stack and I’m not really clear on what’s causing this problem.

I’ve created a basic HelloWorld type of app with HaxelFlixel using the instructions found on the HaxelFlixel site. I’ve been able to run “lime test neko”, but when I do “lime test html5” nothing seems to happen. I’m running this on MacOS. I see a little spinner appear on the command prompt window for a few seconds, and then it stops. Other than that I see no output in the command line, and a browser does not pop up with the app running.

I did find the entry point to the app at ‘export/html5/bin/index.html’, so lime is building the app. I opened Index.html in my browser, and the app ran correctly. If I understand correctly, this means the test server is being run, correct? Otherwise it wouldn’t have loaded the app? Either way, I’m not sure why the test command is not launching the browser window. I wanted to try closing the server that is running (if there is one), but I’m not sure what the process is called.

Maybe try adding -verbose?

The server should be a neko process: