Lime Setup Windows Issue

So I ran the command lime setup windows but I keep getting an error saying:

In order to build native executables for Windows, you must have a
Visual Studio C++ compiler with “Windows Desktop” (Win32) support
installed. We recommend using Visual Studio Community, which is
available as a free download from Microsoft.

I have Visual Studio 2019 installed along with the Desktop development with C++ workload. I also have the Visual Studio 2017 Build Tools with the Visual C++ build tools installed. So why do I keep getting an error saying that I need to have Windows Desktop (win32) installed? I also checked under my VS 2019 editor, I can create a Windows Desktop application.

I don’t think it’s an error, it’s just letting you know you need to have VS C++ compiler, and the message is there whether you have it installed or not. If you can build an exe you don’t need to worry about the message.

If this is a new haxe 4.2.0 install and you’re having trouble building, lime and openfl aren’t working with the new release yet. Haxe 4.2.0 was just released. Use haxe 4.1.5 and hxcpp 4.1.15 to work with lime 7.8.0 and openfl 9.0.2 until they release new versions.

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Oh okay cool, thank you