Lime setup error: Could not find dependency "lime-samples" for library "lime"


I cloned the Lime repository earlier today, and after setting up my dev directory, rebuilding platform (mac) and rebuilding tools, I get the following error when running lime setup:

$ lime setup
hxcpp is up to date
Error: Could not find dependency "lime-samples" for library "lime"

Presumably “lime-samples” is something that I should install via haxelib? Yet when I tried that it did not work:

$ haxelib install lime-samples
No such Project : lime-samples

I also tried updating my haxelib, but it already seemed up-to-date:

$ haxelib selfupdate
Haxelib was already up to date...

Could the problem by that I installed haxe and neko from the installer packages rather than building from source? I hope that’s not the issue, as I tried building haxe and neko from source a while ago and ran into many problems - which is why I resorted to installing from the downloaded packages instead.

Here’s my current haxe and neko version info:

$ haxe -version
$ neko -version

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


I’m moving the samples into their own repository (similar to openfl-samples) but it has not been released on haxelib, yet, in the meantime you can either set haxelib dev lime-samples some/directory or git clone the repository as well


Ahha. Yep that’s done the trick. Thanks very much! :smile: