Lime samples problems on html5

There are three of them:

Black screen. But after moving code from init to render(as seen in SimpleImage) it’s working ok.

compile output:

Warning: Could not find generated font file "Assets/amiri-regular.eot"
Warning: Could not find generated font file "Assets/amiri-regular.woff"
Warning: Could not find generated font file "Assets/amiri-regular.svg"

After converting one of its ttf to woff by hand, placing this woff in Assets and moving init-to-render I’m getting this in chrome console:

Main.hx:258: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'bitsPerPixel' of null

Green screen but no sounds or music. No compilation or chrome console messages. Just can’t get it to work :frowning:

For TextRendering could you retry with -verbose? It may show you some errors thrown by the font convertor.

For SimpleAudio does it work in an other web browser? Could be a file format issue.

It was very strange.
I’ve deleted Export dir, run lime test html5 -verbose - there was no errors and files was generated.
Then I’ve deleted Export dir again, run lime test html5 - there was still same errors :confused:

I’ve tried in Firefox 37.0.2 and Google Chrome 44.0.2400.0 canary
And -verbose showed no errors :worried:

“TextRendering” is designed to use Harfbuzz text layout, this is not available in HTML5. OpenFL uses a combination of the Lime harfbuzz/freetype text layout, and standard HTML5 text output at the moment. We may be able to unify this more

“SimpleAudio” uses the Lime AudioSource API, which should be implemented for native (using OpenAL) and Flash, but HTML5 support (using web audio and/or HTML5 audio) is still TODO

So, it seems bitmap font is the only way for text rendering in lime for html5, isn’t it?

Are there any plans to implement this Lime AudioSource API in following month or two?

// Sorry, if I’m being annoying

If you use the DOM, you can create a DIV and set the inner HTML5, if you use canvas, you can use the canvas text rendering API. OpenFL currently uses a mixture (depending on the target renderer), but I think that text will continue to improve and unify

ATM, OpenFL uses Sound.js for HTML5 audio, so for the forseeable future, there isn’t a pressing need to get HTML5 AudioSource implemented (from an OpenFL perspective) but I’d love to see it