Lime not reading <architecture> tag

I want to be able to work with x86 android emulator. In my project.xml I added

<architecture name="x86" if="android" />

The android build still builds ARMv7. I removed whole Export/android folder, in lime tools, on this line I added trace(project.architectures), and the result is [ARMV7]. Has the architecture adding syntax changed somehow?

git versions of everything + x86 android emulator

Ok, found something. Diff from lime repo:

diff --git a/tools/CommandLineTools.hx b/tools/CommandLineTools.hx
index bbcc976..002a847 100644
--- a/tools/CommandLineTools.hx
+++ b/tools/CommandLineTools.hx
@@ -1581,9 +1581,11 @@ class CommandLineTools {
 			return null;
+		trace(project.architectures);
 		config.merge (project);
+		trace(project.architectures);
 		project = config;
+		trace(project.architectures);
 		project.haxedefs.set ("tools", version);

Results in

CommandLineTools.hx:1584: [ARMV7,X86]
CommandLineTools.hx:1586: [ARMV7,X86]
CommandLineTools.hx:1588: [ARMV7]

Something is not right during merge I guess. A bug?

Fixed by @singmajesty in