Lime_legacy.ndll failing on windows 10?

I have been speaking with a user having some very random crashes of my game on Windows 10.
I am using openFL 3.6.1 + Lime 2.9.1 + hxcpp 3.3.49

He sent me some crash reports- the messages were fairly generic, revolving around null pointers and some sort of corrupted heap. Of the two errors that appeared regularly, one included a message that said:

Faulting module name: lime-legacy.ndll, version:, time stamp: 0x56f96e58
Faulting module path: E:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Soda Dungeon\lime-legacy.ndll

I know that supporting an old version of lime/openfl is not a priority at this point, just wondering if this is a known issue, and if there might be any kind of easy fix for it. We don’t know for certain that it involves Windows 10, but we’ve definitely had a few crash reports that all take place in Windows 10.

In Lime legacy, nearly all code (such as setting the x and y of a DisplayObject) would go into lime-legacy.ndll, so it’s difficult to guess what could be going on. It could be memory corruption, a lack of memory, or an unexpected null value. Do you have any indication of a specific time in the game that this occurs? Loading a save file, playing a lot of sound, etc?

Are you using Flixel or another framework that is expecting OpenFL legacy?

The user stated sometimes he could play the game for hours on end until it finally crashed, other times it might crash almost immediately after loading.

I do not use any additional software on top of openFL, but I make fairly regular use of the filter effects that legacy still offers. I tried upgrading at one point but the work required to bring my game up to speed was not worth it, unfortunately.

But yeah, I assumed a general issue with lime_legacy.ndll would not be much to go on- I’ll keep an eye out for any additional information I can dig up.

…any insight into specific features you’re looking for (but not seeing) in current OpenFL releases would be great :slight_smile:

We have budding support for custom GLSL-based filters, but it’s helpful to know exactly what you’re currently relying on

EDIT: Oh, perhaps you’re using drawTiles heavily?

Part of my need is getting the app to run while minimized, which I could only get working in legacy:

The other part is an extensive use of glowFilters to outline hard to read white text.

On our previous project on legacy we had memory issues with Sounds and TextFields. We used a pool of TextFields. For sounds, we actually use an XAudio implementation but made sure that the memory is cleared when the sound stops. You could try if this happens to you in legacy