Lime legacy lime.ndll

Today i updated my development versions of lime, nme and nme-dev. Now when i want to compile my code to cpp windows target, compilation fails with the message “… legacy/lime.ndll not found.”

There is no lime.ndll and when I run “lime rebuild windows” it rebuilds, but it doesn’t build a lime.ndll in the lime legacy folder.

I don’t know what to do now.

I installed the development versions like i do it always.

get lime, nme and nme-dev dev. versions from github.

installed haxe, lime and openfl.

setup lime.

changing the libs to the dev folders.

Please help.

If you are working from the source, Lime now has the Lime 2.0 binaries, as well as Lime “legacy” binaries, which are the older codebase.

In order to build the standard Lime binary (used by “next” in OpenFL, or all standard Lime projects), use “lime rebuild windows”, after you “git submodule init && git submodule update” on the repository.

Building the legacy binary is more complex, you may opt to download a recent build, and copy the “legacy/ndll” directory yourself. To build it, you will need development versions of NME, nme-dev and HXCPP, then you can “lime rebuild hxcpp windows”, and go to “project” within “nme-dev” and run “neko build.n windows” before you finally “lime rebuild windows -Dlegacy”

Ah ok, thanks for the quick reply. I think this will help.

Now i have another error message. When I try “neko build.n windows” it tells me that “tar” is not installed and not known.

When you are on Windows, I believe that nme-dev is supposed to use an included copy of 7zip for the extraction.

Oh, Hugh removed the 7zip extractor from the library, yesterday :orly:

What can i do? I need to change the drawtiles cpp code a little bit, i added some more values for cropping the tiles.

My code will not run with the release build.

I can’t find an older nme-dev version, where the extractor still exists. Does it mean i can’t build from source on windows until this is fixed? I tried to unpack the files manually, i installed GnuWin32 tar and added the path to the environment path. No Luck at all.

It looks like the regression was only the most recent commit. If you’re using GIT from a command-prompt, try this:

git reset --hard HEAD~1

This should revert the repository back a commit, it should say that the head is at a commit called “Update meta”. Afterward, try running the “neko build.n windows” command from the nme-dev project folder again

Thanks for the tip. I found the last version (1.3) and it runs successfully the neko build.n command. But now there is another error with “lime rebuild windows -Dlegacy”.

Compilation breaks and shows some errors.

link.exe -out:obj/lib/lime.ndll -nologo -machine:x86 -dll -libpath:lib @obj/mscv
16xp/all_objs C:/HaxeToolkit/dev/nme-dev/lib/Windows/libfreetype.lib C:/HaxeTool
kit/dev/nme-dev/lib/Windows/libjpeg.lib C:/HaxeToolkit/dev/nme-dev/lib/Windows/l
ibpng.lib C:/HaxeToolkit/dev/nme-dev/lib/Windows/libSDL2.lib C:/HaxeToolkit/dev/
nme-dev/lib/Windows/libopenal.lib C:/HaxeToolkit/dev/nme-dev/lib/Windows/libvorb
is.lib C:/HaxeToolkit/dev/nme-dev/lib/Windows/libogg.lib C:/HaxeToolkit/dev/nme-
dev/lib/Windows/libcurl_ssl.lib C:/HaxeToolkit/dev/nme-dev/lib/Windows/libz.lib
gdi32.lib opengl32.lib user32.lib kernel32.lib advapi32.lib /windows/dxguid.lib
winmm.lib imm32.lib ole32.lib oleaut32.lib version.lib ws2_32.lib wldap32.lib sh
ell32.lib comdlg32.lib
LINK : warning LNK4044: unrecognized option ‘/windows/dxguid.lib’; ignored
Creating library obj/lib/lime.lib and object obj/lib/lime.exp
ad52e99a_ExternalInterface.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol “publ
ic: bool __thiscall nme::Stage::BuildCache(void)” (?BuildCache@Stage@nme@@QAE_NX
Z) referenced in function "struct _value * __cdecl nme_stage_check_cache(struct
value *)" (?nme_stage_check_cache@@YAPAU_value@@PAU1@@Z)
obj/lib/lime.ndll : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals
Error: error running link.exe -out:obj/lib/lime.ndll -nologo -machine:x86 -dll -
libpath:lib @obj/mscv16xp/all_objs C:/HaxeToolkit/dev/nme-dev/lib/Windows/libfre
etype.lib C:/HaxeToolkit/dev/nme-dev/lib/Windows/libjpeg.lib C:/HaxeToolkit/dev/
nme-dev/lib/Windows/libpng.lib C:/HaxeToolkit/dev/nme-dev/lib/Windows/
b C:/HaxeToolkit/dev/nme-dev/lib/Windows/libopenal.lib C:/HaxeToolkit/dev/nme-de
v/lib/Windows/libvorbis.lib C:/HaxeToolkit/dev/nme-dev/lib/Windows/libogg.lib C:
/HaxeToolkit/dev/nme-dev/lib/Windows/libcurl_ssl.lib C:/HaxeToolkit/dev/nme-dev/
lib/Windows/libz.lib gdi32.lib opengl32.lib user32.lib kernel32.lib advapi32.lib
/windows/dxguid.lib winmm.lib imm32.lib ole32.lib oleaut32.lib version.lib ws2

32.lib wldap32.lib shell32.lib comdlg32.lib

I just pulled the latest version, and got the same error. Try pulling “nme” again and rebuilding, it should be fixed now :slight_smile:

Finally it works. Thank you. :smile:

Glad to help! :success: