'lime' is not recognized - Windows install

I’ve installed lime and started the program through haxelib run lime and I got the green “Lime” splash text followed by;

Lime Command-Line Tools (6.4.0)Use lime setup to configure platforms or lime help for more commands

So following along with the directions here’

Setup Windows

I type in said command, but the output is;

'lime' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

So, what has this no0b done wrong?

I figured it out. I had to run a longer command;

haxelib run lime setup windows

But now I have a new question;

The output was;

In order to build native executables for Windows, you must have a
Visual Studio C++ compiler with "Windows Desktop" (Win32) support
installed. We recommend using Visual Studio Community, which is
available as a free download from Microsoft.

No additional configuration is required.

I have VS Code and the full monster VS as well. I’d prefer to use Code if possible. In any case, I searched for compilers and there are a ton of options. Can someone suggest a specific one I should use?

You can use VS Code for your IDE. Haxe is the compiler. VS with C++ is required no matter whether you compile targeting C++ through your IDE or if you compile with the command line. I’m using VS Community 2017 (make sure you selected to installed C++ when installing VS)

Are you able to compile to C++ target? Try one of the demo projects, like Pirate Pig. If you run into any problems with compiling the demo, post your haxelib list and haxe version.

If you get cl.exe not found (or similar) error, that means you didn’t install C++. I think you can edit your VS installation in Control Panel to install it, or just open VS and start a new C++ project and it will prompt you to install it. Make sure to install C++ 32 bit version (or it might say “with 32 bit support”).

Hope this helps. You might get better info from the more knowledgeable after the weekend :slight_smile: