Lime HTML5 audio non-functional?

I’ve built the Lime SimpleAudio example for js and it doesn’t seem to do anything. I’ve tested in FF and Chrome, and I’m building on Linux. I’ve uploaded the output here. Building for native Linux has the audio output just fine, and the OpenFL example PlayingSound works for js. Lime is version 2.6.2 and lime-samples is version 2.6.0.

The weird thing is that recently the ‘this tab is playing audio’ notification icon has started showing up every time I build a Lime project, regardless of whether the project plays any sounds.

Any ideas?

The Lime audio sample is designed to use the Lime “AudioSource” API, which is (currently) not implemented for HTML5. The WebAudio and HTML5 audio APIs are exposed, but the rest of the code needs to be written to have true consistency in this area.

Usually, OpenFL helps make certain that the APIs in Lime cover most platforms, but OpenFL is still using Sound.js at the moment for HTML5 audio

Ah, good to know.

Does that mean that the HTML5AudioContext class is fully functional, and it just needs to be hooked up to the AudioSource API, or is there some bigger reason it hasn’t been implemented yet (missing features, lack of a good solution for fitting into api, etc.) ?

Pretty much needs to be implemented, I’m hoping there might be a good way to support the API on HTML5, so we could ditch things like sound.js and move on with life, but I’m concerned that there may be edge cases that keep HTML5 audio (in any form) from working well without hacks.

I would be happy to see AudioSource expand to support WebAudio at least (if not HTML5 audio) directly :slight_smile: