Lime / gl Deferred Render (infinite lights)

my dear friends iโ€™m proudly presents (Deferred RENDER ) lime opengl :smiley:


Are you going to release the source code ? Also Iโ€™d love to see how your api works with maybe a demo.

Good job it looks nice :smile:.


yes opensource but this time i think all the code is very confuse because i do this to lern more opengl /shaders i already done terrainlodmipmap,shaders,shadow map,multipe lights mesh animations ,b3d,md3,md2,bsp h3d(assimp), static ,b3d,ms3d,h3d and i can upload all just the way i have.

That would be cool, even if itโ€™s confusing to upload it as it is.


give me 1 day or 2 just to fix some demos