Lime assets path broken

for html5 target, in Ubuntu, I pass rootPath as:

lime.embed ("MyApp", aHolderID, 0, 0, { rootPath: "<%= lab_assets %>", parameters: {id: "lab_canvas"} });

but it has no effect, its set as blank, it’s like 7.6.0

Any idea?

Is this related?

The above fixes issues on iOS but I forget if this fixed issues on HTML5 as well

Thanks @singmajesty, İ will check and let you know

Thanks @singmajesty, that has fixed it, how ever, that locale assets can’t be found:

Uncaught [lime.utils.Assets] ERROR: There is no TEXT asset with an ID of "assets/locales/en-US/components.txt"

Is that file already present in your Assets directory at compile-time? Is it en-US or en-us?