Lime 8.0.1 and OpenFL 9.2.1 Release

Hey everyone!

Patch releases for both Lime and OpenFL have been put out on Haxelib featuring some important fixes.



  • Improved shader debug logging on html5 target
  • Fixed Socket error handling missing some exceptions
  • Fixed Context3D scissor rectangle when scaling for HiDPI screens
  • Fixed ignored user input after changing TextField.type to INPUT when it already has focus
  • Fixed TextField exception when calculating scrollV
  • Fixed double constructor in SWF library
  • Fixed rendering of StaticText when using -Dcairo
  • Fixed scrollRect changes not affecting display objects with cacheAsBitmap or filters
  • Fixed exception in Font.fromFile when path is null
  • Fixed generation of temp file path to avoid using one that already exist
  • Fixed null exception in FileStream when calling close() on already closed stream
  • Fixed OutputProgressEvent on flash/air targets
  • Temporarily limited length of File dialog filter types to one until Lime allows more than one


  • Fixed error where low-priority SVG icons (such as the Flixel icon) would override normal- or high-priority PNGs
  • Fixed NativeHTTPRequest buffer management for neko
  • Fixed text field losing focus after copying in HTML5
  • Fixed extra or missing slashes in certain cases when loading assets
  • Fixed Assets.isLocal(null) not checking all asset types
  • Fixed getting Clipboard.text on Linux
  • Fixed building -static -debug Windows apps
  • Fixed sounds playing twice on iOS
  • Fixed command line arguments not being passed to HashLink on macOS
  • Fixed a null pointer exception when setting sound position in HTML5
  • Fixed cURL not resending data if there’s a redirect
  • Fixed FileDialog behavior when filtering by multiple file extensions, or 0 file extensions
  • Fixed error when importing JNI during a macro while building for Android
  • Fixed building -static Linux apps
  • Fixed crash when compiling iOS apps with no background color
  • Fixed System.openFile() on Linux
  • Fixed requiring a keystore to sign AIR apps
  • Fixed requiring a path to create a keystore
  • Fixed HTML5 text fields not updating promptly on Android devices

I think I just experienced this very issue. Thanks!

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scrollRect now doesn’t work on html5

I can reproduce the scrollRect issue in 9.2.1. It seems to work in some cases, but not others.

Edit: Narrowed it down to this commit: openfl/openfl@971a4c9. It was intended to fix the coordinates of scissor rectangles in Starling, but it looks like maybe the fix is incomplete.

Edit 2: Fixed in commit openfl/openfl@da0463a.

Edit 3: Fix released in OpenFL 9.2.2 on May 31, 2023