Lime 7.8.0 Release

This version of Lime has been waiting behind getting additional feedback to know that upgrading to the newer SDL version was solid and stable for all users.

We’re in the process of re-working the continuous integration and build structure for Lime so we can make builds public faster and get feedback before choosing a final release. Testing Lime is difficult without manual QA but with the help of our contributors I hope we will continue to find ways to make this easier. Meanwhile this release includes some welcome improvements and changes for modern Android and macOS support improved by this version.

Here’s the changelog:

Lime 7.8.0 (06/24/2020)

  • Updated to SDL 2.0.12
  • Updated Google Closure to v20200315
  • Added support for *.xcframework dependencies on iOS
  • Added support for merging “-Info.plist” files from native extensions on iOS
  • Fixed warnings when compiling on HTML5 using Haxe 4.1
  • Fixed HTML5 focus to return to previous element after using
  • Fixed an unnecessary setTextInputEnabled workaround on Android
  • Fixed return type for gl.getParameter(GL.RENDERBUFFER_BINDING)
  • Fixed old default iOS simulator version
  • Fixed the search string for HaxeObject/JNI to be more precise
  • Fixed support for building using -Djs-es=6

with this lime release i got some new issues:

On Android, the app rotates to portrait mode if the device is rotated although window orientation is set to landscape <window orientation="landscape" />
On IOS the app crashes right at the start, see

It was working before the update

I just created a test app and android screen size and rotation are working fine, so this is not a lime issue but my local fault. ( Was not able to find out, why it did not work for my other app. Had to override to make it work as intended )

The bluetooth issue could only be “quickfixed” by setting lime back to 7.7.0 :unamused:

I actually have the same issue Holger_wagner. Since using 7.8.0 the window orientation is not be functioning correctly. It appears to initially set the orientation as defined, however, upon rotating the mobile device, the screen wrongly rotates between portrait and landscape.

I have reverted back to lime 7.7.0 and window orientation now works correctly.

It is good version and its interface but HTML5 is harder part for me

Yep, I have the same problem with orientation in Lime 7.8.0, everything is fine in 7.7.0.
I think I was able to fix it by replacing function setOrientationBis in with version from Lime 7.7.0.