Lime 7.7.0 Released!

7.7.0 (01/27/2020)

  • Updated SDL with a patch for high DPI resolution on macOS
  • Updated tinyfiledialogs with a Unicode patch on Windows
  • Updated macOS to use OpenAL-Soft (rather than deprecated Apple OpenAL library)
  • Added missing properties/methods to lime.utils.ArrayBuffer
  • Added support for NVX_gpu_memory_info OpenGL extension
  • Added support for using launch storyboards instead of launch images on iOS
  • Updated Android template to use Gradle 5.6.3 and Android Gradle Plugin 3.5.1
  • Improved Assets.unloadLibrary to allow unloading the default asset library
  • Improved HTML5 WebGL to fallback to canvas if “major performance caveat”
  • Improved the Electron output template to work without -lib hxelectron
  • Improved support for x86-64 on Android target
  • Improved handling of asset library root paths
  • Improved garbage collection performance on GLRenderbuffer
  • Fixed “auto” window orientation in the AIR template
  • Fixed launch of iOS simulator on some systems
  • Fixed support for Clipboard on HTML5
  • Fixed minimize/maximize on some desktop windows that are not resizable
  • Fixed Image.fromBitmapData to set buffer.transparent
  • Fixed some issues when toggling fullscreen on Android
  • Fixed a potential crash when getting the system locale on iOS or macOS
  • Fixed cleanup of Howler.js sounds after they are stopped
  • Fixed FileDialog to not return as completed if the path is an empty string
  • Fixed the default launch screen sizes on the iOS target
  • Fixed Gradle paths to jcenter/Google for HTTPS support

What was improved exactly? :slight_smile:

This should help Lime work with x86-64 on Android (to my knowledge) assuming the HXCPP NDK toolchain is all set up properly. I forget if HXCPP fully supports the architecture for Android yet?

Looks like yes, I should try. :slight_smile:

I currently use gradle 2.1.0. How can i download and update the new version of gradle build (5.6.3)?. Thks!