Lime 7.7.0 Released!

7.7.0 (01/27/2020)

  • Updated SDL with a patch for high DPI resolution on macOS
  • Updated tinyfiledialogs with a Unicode patch on Windows
  • Updated macOS to use OpenAL-Soft (rather than deprecated Apple OpenAL library)
  • Added missing properties/methods to lime.utils.ArrayBuffer
  • Added support for NVX_gpu_memory_info OpenGL extension
  • Added support for using launch storyboards instead of launch images on iOS
  • Updated Android template to use Gradle 5.6.3 and Android Gradle Plugin 3.5.1
  • Improved Assets.unloadLibrary to allow unloading the default asset library
  • Improved HTML5 WebGL to fallback to canvas if “major performance caveat”
  • Improved the Electron output template to work without -lib hxelectron
  • Improved support for x86-64 on Android target
  • Improved handling of asset library root paths
  • Improved garbage collection performance on GLRenderbuffer
  • Fixed “auto” window orientation in the AIR template
  • Fixed launch of iOS simulator on some systems
  • Fixed support for Clipboard on HTML5
  • Fixed minimize/maximize on some desktop windows that are not resizable
  • Fixed Image.fromBitmapData to set buffer.transparent
  • Fixed some issues when toggling fullscreen on Android
  • Fixed a potential crash when getting the system locale on iOS or macOS
  • Fixed cleanup of Howler.js sounds after they are stopped
  • Fixed FileDialog to not return as completed if the path is an empty string
  • Fixed the default launch screen sizes on the iOS target
  • Fixed Gradle paths to jcenter/Google for HTTPS support

What was improved exactly? :slight_smile:

This should help Lime work with x86-64 on Android (to my knowledge) assuming the HXCPP NDK toolchain is all set up properly. I forget if HXCPP fully supports the architecture for Android yet?

Looks like yes, I should try. :slight_smile:

I currently use gradle 2.1.0. How can i download and update the new version of gradle build (5.6.3)?. Thks!

Be careful using Starling on HTML5 with this release - failIfMajorPerformanceCaveat can automatically cause openfl to use its CanvasRenderer, which as far as I can tell doesn’t work with starling at all since Stage3D doesn’t support that renderer type (we ended up changing the setting to false in HTML5Window.createContext() to get around it for now).

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